We are proud to present our new online exhibition Concerning the Grid, August 31 - September 1, 2019. / by Opal Spaces

Opal Spaces Viewing Room

We are proud to present our new online exhibition Concerning the Grid, August 31 - September 1, 2019.

During these mentioned days, Copenhagen, Denmark, turns into the leading and most vibrant center for contemporary art in Scandinavia; two prominent art fairs are held in Copenhagen, Denmark, during these days, namely CHART Art Fair and Enter Art Fair. We strongly recommend anyone to visit these two art fairs. 

At the same time, Opal Spaces will offer collectors a selection of works created by some of Denmark's best artists working within the field of contemporary art. And with this purpose in mind Opal Spaces has curated Concerning the Grid.

Works from Concerning the Grid are available to collectors around the world exclusively online; for full details and informational texts regarding the biography of the presented artists, please see "Viewing Room" and "Artists" on our website: opalspaces.com

For inquiries please contact: contact@opalspaces.com

Concerning the Grid investigates new interpretations of a classic type within the twentieth century's visual arts, the modernist grid structure.

Participating artists:

Marianne Therese Grønnow

Dorte Jelstrup

Maria Wæhrens

Peter Brandt

Bodil Nielsen

Marianne Therese Grønnow creates large paintings that connect to the sublime and the metaphysical on the basis of impressions of nature rendered as other-worldly imaginative constructions of grid structures.

Dorte Jelstrup provides an explicit feminine interpretation of the modernist grid in paintings and montages, where the grid structures are made of satin ribbons and as such converted into a materiality of sensation that semantically connotes femininity and mental states of longing and desire.

In paintings and drawings by Maria Wæhrens, we encounter the grid as a marker of enclosed spaces in a basically queer-marked investigation of gender, power, hierarchy and the patterns that arise and are passed on in the family and in society at large.

In textile works by Peter Brandt the grid structures are reconsidered and interpreted as principles of construction in the unfolding of transformative narratives dealing with gender, violence and (bodily) traumatic experiences. 

In her work, Bodil Nielsen has the colour as a central point of departure; Nielsen creates paintings that, with the grid structure as the underlying organizational principle, aim to explore perception, the relationship between the viewer and the work, and the aesthetic experience; the result is a poetic choreography of colour based on the grid.

For more information about the participating artists, please see Opal Spaces, opalspaces.com

For inquiries please contact: contact@opalspaces.com

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